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Escape Rooms
A physical adventure game where participants are placed into a room and have to use teamwork along with elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Each room is themed and has a unique storyline that engages the players through their environment.
Investigating the case of a missing little girl, renown investigator Roger Knight has mysteriously disappeared. You must pick up where he left off and find any leads he might have left for you in his office. Find the girl’s location and alert the authorities before you suffer the same fate as Mr. Knight.
45 Minutes
2-6 Players
10% Success Rate
52:40 Record Time
57:04 Average Escape Time

An MI6 agent has gone missing through mysterious circumstances, you play the role of covert operatives investigating his last known position. A small safehouse at an undisclosed location. Your directive is to locate the whereabouts of the missing agent and identify those responsible.
60 Minutes
2-6 Players
34% Success Rate
34:17 Record Time
52:37 Average Escape Time
A young girl has gone missing and a tactical response team has been formed to find her. In the hunt to track down the kidnappers your team discovers an abandoned warehouse, you must search the building and find anything that could lead to her rescue. Threats of a bomb are found and time is running out.
60 Minutes
4-6 Adults
Increased Difficulty
9% Success Rate
26:15 Record Time
51:47 Average Escape Time
Thieves of the high seas, you and your pirate crew have been captured and taken prisoner aboard the infamous Crimson Storm, a ship known for possessing the power to call down the winds and waves to crush their enemies. The source of this power, an ancient artifact known as the Crimson Heart is kept deep in the hull of the ship. Can you help your crew escape the clutches of the Storm and find the Crimson Heart before it is too late?
60 Minutes
2-6 Players
33% Success Rate
29:09 Record Time
51:06 Average Escape Time
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